How To: Reduce Humming Noise in a Car Stereo System

In this post, I am going to outline how to fix a high pitched whining noise in a car stereo. I have had issues with sound quality in my car stereo and I went out to find the answer to resolve my problems.


The car stereo sounded great but there was a high pitched whining noise when the car was "on". It was loud and interfered with the sound quality of the stereo. This can be caused by the interference of the electrical waves from the car's power systems. There are multiple types of noise that can be causing an issue. I drilled down my issue to "ground loop noise".

Common issues that cause a high pitched noise in audio systems are:

  1. Ground Loop Noise (Improper Grounding of Negative Wire)
  2. Interference (Power cables running alongside RCA cables)
  3. Low-quality power cables
  4. Low-quality RCA cables
  5. Loose wire connections somewhere in the system

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