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The cybersecurity industry remains a promising area of growth as a career path. During the last year (2021), while many industries saw decreases in opportunity due to the economic volatility and uncertainty that came with navigating an unprecedented global pandemic, the cybersecurity industry continued to grow. The remote workforce posed new security risks, increasing ransomware attacks, and internal threat actors, all contributed to the increased need for cyber professionals. Cybersecurity job postings saw a 65% increase during the pandemic which means a lot of companies are investing in security internally.

Cybersecurity is an evergreen sector of the job industry, meaning there will always be work available for skilled workers. Recently, the exploit group LAPSUS$, was found to be run by a group of teenagers. They have been behind the exploits of multi-billion-dollar companies, and they don’t have a degree or certifications. Even if you don’t have experience, you can grow your knowledge base with free tools and get into CyberSec within a year.


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