TL;DR: The best all-around phone case for your iPhone is made by Mous and its available on Amazon:

What is the Best iPhone case in 2020?

When it comes to keeping things safe, I tend to do a lot of research. I like to invest in high quality, high performing products. When it comes to activity, I tend to run, climb, jump, & flip on everything possible. So I need a case that can keep up.

In this post, I have done all the work for you in finding the best iPhone case for protecting your device, with a preference for function, usability, and design. I like a case that I can use every day, but not miss any of the usability of the device which is the main reason i chose this case. You still get to use the device as intended from Apple. 

The Mous Limitless case for iPhone

Company: Mous
Crunchbase: Mous Products Ltd.
Founded: 2014
HQ: 115 Mare Street, London, E8 4RU, United Kingdom

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We found that slim phones case weren’t that protective and protective phone cases were ugly. So we set out to create a phone case that was extremely protective yet beautifully crafted. We designed a lot of phone cases and tested them relentlessly, on real iPhones.

Buy the Mous case: Amazon

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Founded on the premise that the current market of phone cases was: 1. not protective enough and 2. ugly – Mous set out to change that.

Generally, crowdfunded products give the people what they want due to a gap in the current market, and that’s exactly what they did.

“Thousands of prototypes later, we launched a crowd-funding campaign with Indiegogo. Fortunately, people believed in our dream and over 50,000 people backed our campaign!”

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With extensive testing and prototyping, Mous built a durable, high performing case that is very appealing


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I went with the all-black leather to match my black iPhone Xs. They also have innovative features built-in like curved edges for usability and magnets that can accept add ons like a wallet.

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This video of the drop tests really sold me on the case since I tend to drop my phone often (although surprisingly with this phone I have only had a few drops).

As we all know with iPhones, it only takes one bad drop to destroy the all-glass exterior and ruining your day or week. That can be a costly mistake and no one wants to go through the process of replacing a $1000+ device out of pocket.

While I suggest having some sort of insurance on your phone, like Apple Care+ or home/renters insurance (you can add your devices to your plan), it is best to protect it on the front end with a solid, reliable case.

Great, there you go!
A phone case that will protect you for years to come.

Basically, the worst it will endure is being dropped from less than 4 feet on the concrete multiple times without failing. This is the worst-case scenario for this case.

Indeed, there are other cases that are better for more niche needs such as waterproofing, higher drop protection, etc. but the normal person will not generally exceed the protection capabilities of this case. While there are many more *robust cases out there, they simply lose the native feel of the device, and thus I chose function and design in this consideration.

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